Who and what stands behind the artist Romain Burgy?

As a man of the eye, I explore the world with the eye of a curious or marvelling man. I love life, humans and colours. This love is reflected in my paintings. I do not simply point dreams, but rahter place the elements in such a way that my paintings make their viewers dream. Colours exist inside me. I do not have to search for them. They are part of me - forever. In a way, I am like the sun. I bring light to the world with my colours. Like Muslums put off their shoes before entering a mosque, I leave my body back at the door of my studio when I paint. During this phase, my body only exists in vegetative terms. This is probably the reason why we painters often live longer. To paint means everything to me: questions, ansers and comprehension. Painting is the force to push me. If I had the choice to change my life, my decision would always be painting.

Where do my inspirations come from? 

I experience the art of painting most intensively at home at ghe Mediterranean in Southern France. The Mediterranean has always been a part of my art. For me, it means inspiration, poetry and light. Even though I do not copy Nature, it still serves as a guide. The shapes I paint often result from coincidence or temper. When I paint a tree, I do not search for a real tree, I even do not look at one. My tree will be a tree that does not exist.

Still life? Cubism? Pop Art?

Finally I do not commit myself to any style. Some art connoissers call it "Neo Pop Art". Yet this is not important for me. As a painter, I do not have to be an expert in painting. I just have to be a painter. Picasso, Miro and Fran├žoise Gilot are my idols. I mostly paint with Gouache colours (rarely mixed with acrylic) on paper or paperboard.

What amuses me?

I like to see the viewer of my paintings searching for a lot of words to describe what I have already described with my paintbrush. My paintings are often more simple than you think.

Why the lemon?

You can find the lemon as my logo in every painting. It stands for the Mediterranean, for warmth, the south, colours and the sun.

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